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Property Research N.M. does perform customized title research. Understanding your goals and property's location is key to determining the appropriate title search product. We offer uniquely tailored solutions for foreclosure research, title and vesting reports, or any of our other products that may not quite suit your needs as is. A custom title report can take anywhere from 3 to 15 business days or more to prepare and will vary depending on county records access, abstract complexity, and search period (date back to). Property Research N.M. provides certified title abstract reports in New Mexico counties, which are completed by certified title abstractors. Prices will vary based on:
  • name search or parcel search
  • residential or commercial New Mexico county parcel type
  • search (look-back) period
  • search requirements
  • NM county property records photocopy requirements
  • additional customized search or reporting requests
Choose from New Mexico certified abstractor services offering title reports, New Mexico land title, real property title search, deed copies, and New Mexico document images.

Foreclosure Title Search

  • Zoning: Any
    • Foreclosure Property Research in New Mexico.
    • Current Owner Search.
    • Mortgages, Assignments, and Modifications.
    • 30 Year Lien and Encumbrance Search.
    • Certified Title Examiner.
    • Certified Title Abstract.
  • Starts At: $225.00
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Custom Title Search

  • Zoning: Any
    • Customized Property Research in New Mexico.
    • You Define the Requirements.
    • Certified Title Examiner.
    • Certified Title Abstract.
  • Starts At: $95.00
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Title Report Accuracy Guaranteed
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